Konark Wheel


www.thekonark.in is a collaborative effort to promote the Sun Temple of Konark. It was launched in May 2013 with an objective to promote Konark Sun Temple over the internet. It is also an initiative to bring back the people of Konark to their homeland.

It's our sincere effort to uncover the Konark Sun Temple and to make it more popular to the whole World. We have not covered each and everything about Konark in this website as it is impossible to do so, if you have any contents or any information which you want to add to this website then kindly forward it to us in text format, if we like the information then we promise we will add it to www.thekonark.in.

Another request to all the viewers of thekonark.in to add this website to your favorites by using the link on top of every page as there are so many spellings of Konark/Konarka/Konarak and also it's difficult to remember the web URL, if you liked it, and wants to come back later.

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